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Vacation Plans in Bucharest in Winter

3 days in Bucharest: museums, parks, restaurants, etc. ...

Day 1:

Start the day with the main attraction: the People's House, visits are made every day between 10.00 and 16.00, individually or in groups. Entrance fee is 15 lei. Pensioners, pupils and students have free access, but must present their student card or registration of a pension. To schedule a visit contact the Educational Center, the Chamber of Deputies Tel: +40 (021) 414 1458, e-mail: 

Continue your journey visiting the Old Princely Court take a glance to Hanul lui Manuc found nearby. Go ahead to Metropolitan Hill where you can visit the Romanian Patriarchate.  

People's House - Parliament Palace
The time has come for a little rest so head back toward the University Square and warm up with a boiled wine at a restaurant on the street Selari

If you still have energy walk up the street Lipscani, admire Stavropoleos church, Coltea Church or the CEC building. 

Get dinner at the famous restautant "Caru cu Bere".

Caru cu Bere Restaurant
Day 2: Take a relaxing walk on the alleys of the Herastrau park.
Then visit the Village Museum

Located on a side of the Herastrau park along with Kiseleff road, the Village Museum in size, it is the largest open air museum in Europe, that attracts by it's beauty many foreign tourists, but also people from Bucharest eager to walk. . 

Herastrau Park Herastrau Park

Continuing in the same way and go to visit the Romanian Peasant Museum located in the same area.

Village Museum Village Museum Village Museum Village Museum Village Museum Village Museum

The time has come to change the area so it's time to take a bus or the subway and move up to the Botanical Garden and then visit the Cotroceni Palace Museum

Towards evening, go back downtown and get dinner at the "Terasa Doamnei" restaurant.

Day 3:

It's time to taste a little bit of art so visit the National Museum of Modern Art in the Revolution Square. Here you can admire the Roman Athenaeum building, the National Library, etc. ... then you can relax on the alleys of the Cismigiu garden located nearby. After you made a reservation in advance, attend to a concert at the Romanian Opera or at the Romanian Athenaeum

End your last day in Bucharest with a dinner at the "Burebista" restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious game dish. 

The trip
International flights land at the Henry Coanda airport - Otopeni, 16 km from downtown. Low cost flights are landing at the Aurel Vlaicu airport - Baneasa. Cabs and buses are connecting with the city. If using a taxi take only ones agreed by the airport or order one by phone, do not be deceived by individuals even if they wear an official looking badge. 

The city can be explored by foot, metro, bus or taxi. Cabs are cheap and the fare is displayed in exterior. Make sure the register works.

Weather is usually cold with temperatures that often falls below zero degrees Celsius and can reach the minimum of -20 degrees. Snow falls are usual and sometimes can become abundant.

Suggested accommodation: 
- Vacation rentals in Bucharest are the best accommodation solution in Bucharest. The holiday apartments in Bucharest are self-catering, with the best location in town: Bucharest Old Town. You can click here to see the offer from Alia Accommodation.

Suggested restaurants: 
Romania has a diverse culinary specific influenced by both the Balkan and Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Try the famous pork bone (Ciolan) with cabbage and polenta (Mamaliguta), or the hunter menu with bear meat, wild boar, deer or pheasant. Most restaurants will offer wonderful dance shows to which you will be invited to take part. 

- Caru 'cu Bere - the place where you can have the most tasty dishes and where you can enjoy the beer made after an unique recipe, originally from 1879. 
- Terasa Doamnei - this restaurant invites you to taste the Romanian cuisine in an intimate atmosphere listening traditional folk music.

Price for two persons: 
Approx. 150 Euro per day for accommodation, meals and local transport. 

Practical tips: 
- buy tickets to shows in advance
- do programming in time for visits to the House of People or Cotroceni Palace 
- ignore the too friendly girls (or you might regret it)
- use only taxis with the prices displayed and with working meters. 
- attention to your pockets in the crowded areas

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