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Plan your vacation in Romania in spring, summer and autumn

17 days in Romania: Bucharest, Wallachia, Transylvania, Maramures, merry cemetery, mocanitza, Bukovina, monasteries, Bicaz canyons, medieval castles, Bran Castle, Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal 

During the first 3 days use the suggested itinerary: 3 days in Bucharest

Day 4

Rent a car and get ready to discover wonderful places like: Curtea de Arges, Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) and Brasov.

You will leave Bucharest crossing the Militari neighborhood after which you take the A1 motorway, where you will spend approximately one hour and ten minutes before you arrive in Pitesti. After another 37 km you get to Curtea de Arges, former capital of Wallachia. Visit the Princely Court, built in the XIV th century, St. Nicholas Church and then the San Nicoara Church ruins. The main objective is the "Curtea de Arges" Monastery both because of it's beauty and the legend that surrounds it. They say that Manole, already famous, had to build his wife, Ana, in the church walls.

Curtea de Arges Curtea de Arges Curtea de Arges Curtea de Arges

At 31 km away from Curtea de Arges is the Vidraru Dam. Stop a few minutes to admire the dam, 165 m in height, that holds behind about 500 million cubic meters of water. Near the road on the left, you can visit, if time permits, the ruins of the Poenari fortress by climbing 1480 concrete steps meandering through a beech forest. From here you have a wonderful perspective that reaches from Fagaras Mountains to Curtea de Arges.

Vidraru Dam Poenari fortress Vidraru Power Plant

Since it is likely that the Transfagarasan will be closed, head back towards Pitesti and then head toward Ramnicu Valcea on the European road E81. When you get on top of the Black Hill (Dealu Negru) stop for a great portion of fresh mititei. Keep going towards Sibiu on  the Olt Valley. Spend your night in Calimanesti.


Day 5 Continue your way through the spectacular Olt Valley to Sibiu. In Sibiu dine in a patio on the pedestrian area and discover the secrets of the city which have made it famous as the European Capital of Culture in 2007. Visit sightseeing including: Tower, Catholic Church, the Brukenthal Museum and the liar's Bridge.

Sibiu Sibiu Sibiu

Stay overnight in Sibiu.


Day 6 The 6th day destination is Cluj Napoca (167 km). You will pass through Sebes (59 km) where you will admire the Sebes fortress (XIV th century), the Evangelical Church and Casa Aapolya located nearby. In Alba Iulia visit the <<Alba Carolina>> fortress, the Princely Palace (str Cehov 6), the Roman Catholic Cathedral, etc...

Sebes Alba Iulia - the Fortress Gates Alba Iulia

After another 100 km go down on the Feleacului Hill (attention slippery areas) and you will arrive in Cluj Napoca. Go directly to the Liberty Square located in downtown. From here will be easy to visit the St. Michael Church built in Gothic style. Nearby is the statue of Matei Corvin and the Art Museum. The house where was born in 1443, Matei Corvin is located nearby (str Matei Corvin 6).

Cluj Cluj Cluj


Day 7 Today you will start your journey towards Maramures. Pass Dej since is not worth wasting time there and go further up in Baia Mare. Park near Millennium Square (itself a tourist target) from which will be easy to visit Stephen's Tower or the various guilds towers near the food market. Take lunch at the restaurant in the park or the one on the Flower Hill Inn from where you have a wonderful panorama of the city.

Baia Mare - Millenium Square - Old City Center Baia Mare - Stephen's Tower Baia Mare - Millenium Square - Old City Center

With your forces restored continue your journey towards Sighetu Marmatiei. If not too late take a break at the Gutai (Baia Sprie 17 km). From here is easy to reach the Geological Reserve Creasta Cocosului. Find a place to stay in Sighetu Marmatiei or around the town.


Day 8 Make a trip to the historic Maramures and visit the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta. More details and pictures are on web page about Romanian traditions

Come back in Sighet and continue the road towards Borsa. Seek accommodation for two nights in a pension or guesthouse in Viseu de Sus. Hosts are friendly, the food is great and the prices are very affordable. Worth to visit the area. The town is not modernized but Vaser Valley is everything. 


Days 9-10 Although neither 15 days are not enough, try to make the most of the two days you have to spend here.

The Vaser Valley is narrow with the aspect of a canyon, the Vaser river is crossing it on a distance of about 42 km. You can travel the entire distance in train wagons for this purpose. Steam train ( "Mocanita") leaves daily from the town, reaching the Novat, Faina and even Macarlau. From this route you can go hiking on the mountains, and reach many splendid places. The Toroiaga Peak (1930 m altitude) has great panorama to the Rodnei Mountains, the Maramures Depression and other areas of Maramures Mountains. The route is very comfortable and relaxing being a real cure for those who suffer the effects of daily stress.
Mocanita Vaser Valley Vaser valley Viseu Mocanita Vaser Valley


Maramures Mountains, Toroiaga Peak Maramures Mountains Toroiaga Romanian Cuisine

Day 11 Wake up early and continue the journey towards Borsa the destination of the day being Vatra Dornei. Visit the natural park from the center of the resort which is famous for its squirrels.

The casino reminds of the famous resort spas in Western Europe.

In town, the most interesting attractions are the Bukovina Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Hunting and Natural Sciences. You can explore the surroundings with cable gondola, covering the distance between town and the Black Hill, or go on trips to Poiana Negri and Poiana Stampei, famous for their mineral springs.

Vatra Dornei Vatra Dornei Vatra Dornei

Day 12 Today is dedicated to the famous monasteries of Bucovina. Leave Vatra Dornei behind and head toward Suceava. Between Campulung Moldovenesc and Gura Humorului is a road that takes you to the village of Voronet. Here you will encounter the Voronet Monastery the first monastery on the list, and maybe the most famous. When you get in Suceava visit some tourist attractions here, but do not waste too much time here. Its tourist objectives are: The Old Fortress, the Zamca monastery (str Zamca) or the Scheia Fortress situated on a hill in north-west of the city. 

Dragomirna Monastery Dragomirna Monastery Voronet Monastery Sucevita Monastery

Dragomirna Monastery (Suceava 14 km) is next on the list. It is situated in the village of Mitocu north to Suceava. Next monastery that you are going to visit is Sucevita located in the village with the same name (Radauti 18 km). Continue the series of monasteries with Putna Monastery situated in the village with the same name (Radauti 33 km). Go back to Suceava and find a place to stay in a pension or a hotel.

Putna Monastery Putna Monastery Putna Monastery

Find more information about monasteries and traditions here.


Day 13 Hit the road again to the final destination for the day being the Red Lake (Lacul Rosu). You will go through Falticeni (Suceava 24 km) where you can visit, if you want, the house of Ion Creanga or Mihail Sadoveanu (Ion Creanga street # 36 respectively # 68). Following is Targu Neamt where you can visit Ion Creanga's childhood home in Humulesti and Cetatea Neamtului fortress that is the most interesting touristic sight of the city.

Cetatea Neamtului Fortress Humulesti Cetatea Neamt Fortress

Go on, pass the city of Bicaz until the valley narrows more and more, guarded by tall limestone walls. You have reached the Bicaz Canyon (Bicaz 21 km), an impressive natural monument. Red Lake (32 km Bicaz, elevation ~ 1000 m) will be your host for this evening. Find a place to stay and enjoy the beauty of these places. Tomorrow you will start towards Sighisoara!


Bicaz Canyon Bicaz Canyon Red Lake


Day 14 Depart early morning towards Sighisoara. On the fortress hill in Sighisoara, massive walls and towers covered with tiles offers a medieval landscape. In this "museum city" you can visit the Clock Tower, the church of the former Dominican monastery, the church from the hill (Biserica din deal) and the old towers of the fortress: Skinner's Tower, Tailor's Tower, Shoemaker's Tower or the Butcher's Tower...

Sighisoara Sighisoara Sighisoara


Day 15


From here you have a 2 hours drive to Brasov. Park near the Piata Sfatului Square. From here will be easy to visit the Black Church or the History Museum. Then you can walk around and discover the old Hirscher house. After you finish, drive to Poiana Brasov and have dinner in one of the famous restaurants there.

Brasov Brasov Brasov

Find accommodation in Poiana Brasov for the next two nights.


Day 16 Leave your baggage at the hotel where you are staying and go to discover the famous Bran Moieciu area. Make your first stop at the Rasnov fortress. From the heights of the medieval walls you will have a vast panorama of the city and surroundings. Next destination is the famous Bran castle (Dracula's Castle). From here it is worth continuing to Rucar to admire the splendid scenery. Swerve out of the way a few kilometers and enter the National Park of Piatra Craiului then visit here the Dambovicioara cave.

Bran Castle - Dracula Castle Dambovicioara Cave Rasnov Fortress

Return to Poiana Brasov.

Day 17 In the last day of the itinerary climb to the Postavaru peak with a cable gondola. Admire the panoramic view over the city of Brasov and the Fagaras mountains. Start towards Bucharest and take the road that goes through the Prahova valley. You will go through Predeal, Sinaia and Busteni. In Sinaia you can drive to the 1400 quota to admire the view. Visit the Peles Castle and Pelisor.

The trip
International flights land at the Henry Coanda airport - Otopeni, 16 km from downtown. Low cost flights are landing at the Aurel Vlaicu airport - Baneasa. Cabs and buses are connecting with the city. If using a taxi take only ones agreed by the airport or order one by phone, do not be deceived by individuals even if they wear an official looking badge. 

Transportation: Rent a car

The typical weather for this season has temperatures between 12-18 degrees Celsius in spring and autumn and is hot in the summer. Rain is usual.

Romania has a diverse culinary specific influenced by both the Balkan and Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Traditional restaurants are popular.

Price for two persons: 
Approx. 150 Euro per day for accommodation, meals and local transport. 

Practical tips: 
- ignore the too friendly girls (or you might regret it)
- use only taxis with the prices displayed and with working meters. 
- attention to your pockets in the crowded areas
- use common sense


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