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Vacation plans Bucharest - Danube Delta: spring, autumn

7 days in Romania: Bucharest, Tulcea, Sulina 

Transport: train or rented car 
Price for 2: ~ 150 Euro / day for accommodation and transport mass 

During the first 3 days use the suggested itinerary: 3 days in Bucharest


Day 4:


On the fourth day you will get to Tulcea. Get accommodation for one night at one of the hotels from the dock (sea wall) by the Danube. Visit the city then make the necessary arrangements for the following days. Order at the hotel reception a cruise on the Danube for the next day morning, it usually includes a traditional fish lunch. Buy tickets for the next day's trip to Sulina.

Tulcea Downtown Tulcea Tulcea Sunrise


Day 5:

Enjoy the cruise in the Danube Delta organized by the hotel. 

No need to make supplies for Sulina, you will find there all you need. Surely you need defense against mosquitos (which are however, increasingly less) and a sunscreen cream. 

Start toward Sulina on the board of a fast vessel. You will pass near MILA 35, Maliuc, Vulturu, Gorgova, MILA 18 and Crisan. Find a place for accommodation in a pension or a hotel then go out for a walk on the beautiful pier. Order a fresh fish dinner on a patio.

Sulina - Church Sulina - Cuisine Sulina


Day 6: Spend the sixth day of your journey resting on the beautiful beach of the Black Sea. In the evening make arrangements for a trip, for the next day, in the Danube Delta. A local will be happy to walk you through the Delta for about 150-200 RON. If you enjoy fishing and you don't have the necessary tools ask your guide to improvise something for the next day. The route you'll ask is described in "Day 7". Do not forget to make reservation for a ticket back to Tulcea

Sulina - Beach Sulina - Sunrise Sulina - Beach


Day 7:

Leave early in the morning for the trip in the Delta. On the board of the boat, go downstream and get out into the Black Sea; the waves will get you a little bit scared. You will return then through the Musura golf toward Sulina and cross the channels all the way to the Rosulet Lake. You must use a sunscreen cream otherwise the consequences will be severe. Then go catch the big fish!

Sulina Boat Sulina Sulina

In the evening return back to Bucharest.



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