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Black Sea

Constanta (Bucharest 267 km) 

In terms of tourism, Constanta is the central link of the chain of resorts created and modernized since 1960 from Midia (in north) and Mangalia (in South), on a length of over 50 km of the Romanian coast of the Black Sea

The city has an ancient history. Settlement beginnings are lost in the darkness of centuries, where history mixes with the legend. One legend says that the founder of Tomis was Greek hero Tomos who came from Asia to found a colony here.

Constanta today is a modern city, where the new gets in more and more, but without breaking the precious monuments of the past. 

The Casino is an imposing building on the sea wall, built in the years 1904-1909. It holds reception halls, exhibition halls, restaurant with terraces facing the sea. 

The Aquarium is located across the street from the Casino and displays about 4500 species of fauna of the Black Sea, Danube and the Romanian lakes. 

The touristic harbor of Tomis is situated in the northern part of the sea wall. Motor boats, ski-jets and yachts are available for tourists all along the coast. 

Mamaia (Constanta 5 km) 

From Constanta in only few minutes, we arrive at Mamaia. At the entrance we'll meet the highest hotel in this resort, the "Park" hotel. 

Chain of elegant and stylish hotels, restaurants, bars, summer theaters, shops are spread along the coast. 

Due to it's great location, the pleasant breeze can be felt day and night blowing either from the sea or from the Siutghiol lake. This cord of land on which is placed Mamaia, has a length of about 15 km and a width which vary between 150-400 meters. 

The beach, made of the finest sand, of coquille origin, is situated in the eastern part of the resort, on a length of about 10 km. It is the largest beach of the Romanian coast. 

Mamaia has many hotels, with a large capacity of accommodation. There are also numerous swimming pools including an Olympic pool of high capacity, for domestic and international competitions, mini-golf courses, sailing facilities, and so on.

Sport facilities on the lake Siutghiol offer ample opportunities to practice water sports, windsurfing, motor boats and ski jets. 

Ovidiu Island, situated on Lake Siutghiol, houses a rustic restaurant with huts covered with reeds, where traditional fish food is served.



Casino - Constanta


AquaMagic Mamaia

Sunrise - Mamaia

cable gondola  -  Mamaia

Beach at Mamaia


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