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Art, architecture and Romanian folk traditions are distinguished in Europe by their originality and their longevity through centuries. The diversity of the traditions and habits put emphasize on the regional specificity of the ethnography: games with masks in Moldova, crafts and folk dances in Oltenia, traditional costumes in Transylvania, wood art in Maramures, pastoral civilization in Apuseni.

Merry Cemetery in Sapanta - Maramures

Merry Cemetery in Sapanta Maramures
Merry Cemetery in Sapanta Maramures, Travel Romania
Merry Cemetery in Sapanta Maramures

Sapanta is a typical village in Maramures in which can be seen a cemetery totally unique, by a great originality. It is called the merry cemetery because the crosses are decorated with sculptures and drawings, in vivid colors, describing negative habits (mostly) or positive of those who passed away and sleep here forever. 

These are the work of a skilled Craftsmen - Stan Ion Patras - who improvises original lyrics for his funerary monuments. At 12 miles from the village is a mineral water spring and a waterfall formed by it. 

Traditional costumes and wooden churches

Traditional costumes Maramures
wooden churches Maramures


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